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De-Stress Session

Step up from your desk for a mini-refresh

Having a stressful day? In a desperate need of break? Well you don't need to go far because we are near Noida sector 15 metro station.
Take a mini-break from your work, bring along your friends, and shake-off all your negativity and frustrations. Enjoy half an hour of fun dance and activities to refresh your mind and to feel amazing! Come visit us to find out more.


De Stress Session

What are we offering

Informal & Open to all

This session is open for everyone and anyone. Come drop by during you break time or after your office time. Come with your friends or all by yourself. These sessions will help you shake off you stress, make you feel better , and help you meet new people as well. There will a plethora of fun activities for you to enjoy.

Informal & for a specific group

These sessions are fun sessions aimed to reduce your stress and refresh your mind. The best part? You get to take a fun break with your team/ office mates. Book an hour session with us, de stress with your mates and walk out feeling refreshed. The session would involve fun activities and games to relieve your stress.

To address specific casue of stress of a group

If you and your team are facing problems and stress as a group like team work, dissatisfaction between people, time management issues, and so on, enroll for our cause-specific session with your group and we'll will ensure that your team's stress is addressed in these session. Te activities will be focus be focused on the specific cause(s) of your team's stress.