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  • Shambhavi Pathak

5 Benefits of music and dance on children’s overall development

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Music and dance are an integral part of human society. It is impossible to imagine life without dance and music. Hell! We have categorised music and dance according to every occasion. So it makes sense that it will be important for a child’s development as well. I mean it’s not just me saying it. Science does. And science has more credibility than I do. So let me list out what science says about music and dance and how they help children develop.

Coordination and balance

Well, the most obvious thing about dance and music is that it improves your balance and coordination. I would know. I have been dancing since childhood. I have much better coordination and balance than my brother who are fit people but dance like they don’t know how to move their hands! But jokes aside, dancing since childhood has really helped my posture, my balance, and my coordination which I now apply to all the things that I do. From the gym to playing football.

Physical fitness

It goes without saying that dance if done with proper dedication and discipline, is a very effective workout. Getting a child into a dance class or style that they enjoy, you have them hooked for life. It will develop to be very healthy habit.

Learning as a smoother process

Science says that playing an instrument and composing music helps children learn better as opposed to the ones that do not play an instrument. Just think about it. You remember jingles from adds more than your geometry lessons. It helps to learn in music and rhythm format because it’s easier to remember and it leaves a lasting impression.

Encourages self-expression

Music and dance are all about understanding your body and soul. And consequently, music and dance are a medium of expression. Learning them encourages the child to express their feeling and emotions through dance and music, giving them a healthy outlet for their emotions.

Fun bonding activity

It’s a fun activity which has no age limitation that can bring your family together and make you bond and create happy memories together. So what is stopping you indulge in these activities which are fun, useful and a stressbuster session for everyone at home!

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