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  • Shambhavi Pathak

5 Best activities for children to do this summer of 2019

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

The summer is here! (I am already melting!) And with summer comes the summer holiday of children. Which means no more headache of getting up in the morning and preparing your children for school. You can easily spend the extra hour of sleeping. But it also means that now, you have to think of what to do with your children all day long. Well, most people just enroll them for some kind of hobby class that lasts a month or two and keep them engaged. I am here to tell you about 5 of them. Here is the list of activities you can do to keep your children productively engaged.

Swimming Classes

What better to do in this scorching heat than to be in the cool water. It is a great workout, fun, your child socialise and make friends with other children of the class, and a great outlet for their energy. It’s a skill that you should definitely teach your children.

Yoga Class

This is one class that children might find a little boring (I did when my parents forced me to enroll as a child) but it is an activity I’ll personally recommend that children learn. It makes your body flexible, keeps them in shape, boosts circulation and builds up immunity. It’s a much-needed stress-buster after a hectic school session and all that pollution.

Learn an instrument

Let’s go back again to fun activities. In today’s day and age, it’s not just academic excellence that people look for, it is also the overall personality of a person. Playing an instrument is a skill that your child will thank you for, for the rest of their lives. It is not just a soothing hobby, learning an instrument helps with your brain’s ability to learn, sharpens their focus, and is a great stress-buster. Besides, who doesn’t like a little bit of music in their lives?

Learn to cook

And I don’t mean elaborate recipes, god knows I can’t make it. And I am a functioning adult. I mean learning the most basics of cooking so that they know their way around the kitchen, and if required to ever cook for themselves, they don’t feel lost. This is one of the basic life skills that I am thankful that my parents made me learn.

Learn to Dance

Well, I’ll be biased here, because I love dancing. So I tell everyone to dance. All. The. Time. Though dance is an activity and hobby that can engage children fully. It’s a fun activity of movement. It improves their hand-eye coordination, flexibility and what not. (Pffft! Check out my blog about the benefits of dance here) It’s an amazing stress-buster and quite like swimming, it’s a full body exercise and meant to engage your time quite productively.

PS. If you want your children to participate in shows, most of the places that offer classes, also arrange for the children to perform somewhere.

While you can pick one or two of the aforementioned activities to engage your child, there is a simpler and very popular way to go about it. Summer Camps. They generally involve the activities listed in this article and include many more activities. You can easily find the one you like in your area and sign up for it.

I am also conducting a summer camp this year at my own studio Verve Dance Zone, which is situated near Noida Sector 15 metro station. Hit me up for further information or simply visit the website. Hope to see you all there.