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  • Shambhavi Pathak

5 best performances on the Indian Dance reality shows

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Okay before we go any further, keep in mind that this is a vast ocean of dance performances to choose from. Plus, it’s my own personal opinion and not judgement! The Indian Dance Reality niche has exploded on the television brings to us some really amazing performances. So here is a very small glimpse into it.

Tashan me by MJ5

I mean I don’t even have words to describe this dance, this group is inspired by the legend Michael Jackson, and they recreate his moves, quite creatively if you ask me, and give amazing performances.

Muqabla Muqabla by MJ5

Okay, before you accuse me of including the same group’s performance, just have a look at the video and you’ll know why I have included this video.

Behene de by Isha & Salman

This 2012 performance may be old, but no less power-packed given the song that they are performing on.

Dharmesh Sir DID Audition

It’s true that he has only improved all this year and has become an even better dancer and performer, but it was his audition of Dance India Dance that really blew me away.

Biwash Academy of Dance

In India people say…Chota packet bara dhamaka… These crazy duos have some sick moves in their arsenal. I mean, I cannot put into words how awesome this performance was.

What do you think? I know there are so many people just dying so disagree with me.

Come tell me what you think. Drop by my studio Verve Dance Zone and we’ll argue over that!

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