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  • Shambhavi Pathak

5 Bollywood songs to Zumba on this season

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

So with the mounting heat and surprise rain pours, it’s time that we sweat it out to the season’s latest songs.

First Class- Kalank

Though the movie was a big time Nah, I love the songs of this movie- and the beats of First Class are totally dance-worthy. Besides Fitness Dance with Rahul has done an amazing Zumba choreography on this song.

The Jawaani Song- SOTY

So once again a flop film but I love this song, the original one and this one as well which is sung by Vishal Dadlani. It’s a song this season I am definitely learning dance too. And one of my fav channels, Dance Fitness with Rahul has done an amazing choreography on this.

Mumbai Dilli is kudiyan- SOTY 2

This song has some fun beats that will definitely bring you to the dance floor and make you move. Check out the choreography on this song which is really good and quite easy to follow.

Coca-Cola tu- Luka chupi

So this song has been trending everywhere, from the Internet to all the parties that I have been attending. The song has begun to become quite annoying now but I found this Zumba choreography to this song done by Vijaya Tupurani- one of the Zumba specialists that I follow.

Mungda- Total Dhamaal

So this is the item number starring Sonakshi Sinha. The team of Dil Groove Mare has choreographed this very well. It’s almost as if they are calling me to the dance floor. And I don’t even like the song!

So these are the five trending songs of this season that I am learning and teaching Zumba on. What are your favourite songs for this seasons? Tell us in the comment below.