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  • Shambhavi Pathak

5 Reasons why dance is a good stress buster

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The last two blogs I have talked about stress and how certain simple steps are going to help you reduce stress. Today I am going to list why Dance is a good stress buster and how it helps you release your stress.

It releases stiffness from the body

And in turn, it releases all the tension from your body. If done correctly, it will release all the stress-induced stiffness from the muscles and pop all your joints making you feel infinitely better physically.

It releases happy hormones and boosts your immunity

Dancing is like exercise, it pumps your body, and just like in exercise, after working out the body releases happy hormones which make you feel happy and satisfied (duh!) which obviously decreases your stress levels. Stress also affects your immunity negatively. With the release of happy hormones, improved circulation, and healthy sweating, your immunity will also take a positive boost.

It boosts your appetite and sleep

The fun workout session will boost your appetite and sleep which takes a major hit during your stressing. Which means when you are in stress you normal appetite and sleep schedule is thrown out of the window which worsens your stress. The Dance will help you set them back up on the track.

It boosts your creativity

Dance is an art form. While learning and creating dance you are exercising your creative muscle which will further help you unleash your creativity in other directions as well. You’ll end up learning a lot due to the fluidity of dance which you can easily apply to other sectors of life.

It’s a heaven for dance and music lover

As someone whose favourite stress buster is to listen to my favourite music and break out dancing on it, dance and music are the best things for you, especially if you even remotely like dancing. It will not only give you all the benefits mentioned above, but it will also make you feel absolutely amazing about yourself and life in general.

Whether you do dance as fitness like Zumba or enroll in a particular style of dance like Bollywood, dance is definitely going to help you de-stress. We are so sure about this that we are offering de-stress sessions especially dedicated to addressing different causes of stress at our studio near Noida sector 15 metro station.