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  • Shambhavi Pathak

5 steps on How to reduce weight through dancing

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

You know I am not bluffing. Have you seen dancers? They have amazing bodies. And what flexibility! And their expressive face. I have observed through the years that dancers have a different kind of body language altogether.

And hence I say it is a very fun way of maintaining your weight! In fact, I suggest that you put your children up for dance- any kind really that will ensure an all-round development of their personality. Find out what I mean by that here. Also if you live in the vicinity- near Noida Sector 15 metro station- come drop by at our studio.

Now back to the point- how dance will help you reduce your weight. This article is primarily for beginners. So all those people who can already dance- wait for my next blog and I’ll tell you how.

Enroll in a class

So it doesn’t matter what style you pick up- make sure that you choose something that you like because the weight loss process, especially at the beginning will be difficult and miserable so it’s important that you stick to something that you like.

Be regular

There are many excuses for not going to a class. Give up that loser mentality, and look for the one reason to go- that you have to lose weight and feel good. Be in the class without fail and half you battle is already won. I have so many people who come to my dance studio, enroll in classes to lose weight and are not regular. Then they get frustrated when they don’t see results. That is not how things work.

Be consistent and don’t half-ass it

Being consistent doesn’t only mean being regular. When you are in the class be present mentally as well and give your hundred percent. Only half of your effort will give you a zero result. You have to workout and workout properly to lose weight. There is no shortcut.

Watch your diet

You can’t workout for 1 hour a day and then go home and eat a cake. It doesn’t work like that. With the advice of your trainer, figure out the best diet for you and stick to it. Remember the saying, you are what you eat.

Keep a track

Since you have a goal in your mind when it comes to weight loss if you don’t then make sure you have it when you start. Say you need to lose 5 kgs, then mark your weight on the first class and keep track. Check every week to mark your progress so that you know what is working for you and what isn’t. Then tweak accordingly.

Hopefully, you can figure out your way to weight loss with the help of this article. If things are not clear yet, hit me up or drop by and I’ll tell you how I lost the weight the same way and help you figure out how you can do it.