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  • Shambhavi Pathak

5 Zumba choreographies on YouTube to help you shed your weight

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Zumba is a great way to lose those extra kilos that you have been itching to lose and you don’t like going to the gym. Why is Zumba the way to go? Well, read my previous blogs where I tell you Zumba is a good alternative to the gym, the benefits of Zumba, step by step how to lose weight with Zumba, Bollywood songs to Zumba on and many more.

Here I am listing 5 Zumba choreographies in YouTube that I love.


This is one of my favourite choreography on the net. The song is peppy, and the choreography is fun to do. And most importantly it makes me sweat. It refreshes me and I love it.


Enrique Iglesias holds a special place in my heart. So it’s no wonder one of his songs made it to the list. the Zumba choreography on this song is good- it’s refreshing and it will make you sweat.

Lat lag gayi

So take this pretty famous song and the choreography of this video and you get an amazing dance-worthy choreography which you can do anytime anywhere. A true delight.

Dilbar dilbar

So this song is a guilty pleasure of mine because it has that middle eastern music touch and these guys have done a good job. It’s a simple and fun choreography to do. And it makes you sweat. What more can you ask for?


One of the few Justin Bieber songs that I like, I truly enjoy doing this choreography at home. Check it out and you’ll know what I mean.

These are only a few choreographies that I love to do by myself. Tell me about your favourite ones.

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