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  • Shambhavi Pathak

6 Benefits of Dance Workout…Zumba or otherwise.

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Saying that people being conscious about fitness is all in trend these days feels a tad stupid. Fitness is not a trend. It is a necessity. After all, health is wealth. You should be thinking about your health first and foremost.

That being said, we are living in a day and age where there are a variety of ways for you to stay healthy. With so many options to choose from, and the question is why choose dance?

Well being a dancer, I promise I won’t be biased ;)

But jokes aside, let me tell you the benefits of dance and why to go for it.

It a full body exercise…

Which doesn’t mean that there is no other exercise out there that is full body, but dance is one full body exercise that is actually fun! When you are dancing, your full body is engaged from your head to toe. Any style of dance needs a tremendous amount of control from the body.

It burns the same amount of calories as jogging…

A 30-minute dance class can burn between

120–250 calories. Which is what you achieve through jogging in the same amount of time.

It improves hand-eye coordination…

Which is a given, seeing that you need to move the body and its parts in a specific way. Improving hand-eye coordination will also improve your overall balance and help you find your center of gravity.

Improves flexibility

Which I am sure everyone knows about, but I’ll highlight it regardless. Being a dancer myself, dance brings flexibility to my body quite naturally which is not the same in another workout.

Improves mood and releases stress

And I get excited about dance just by writing about it. This point is pretty obvious. Exercise releases feel-good hormones. Plus you are moving to music, and music is something that soothes everyone.

Bonus Point: If you have joined an institute somewhere for dance, then you get to meet new, similar minded people and make new friends. Which will further improve your mood and consequently your overall health.

Dance is the only passion in my life. I dance on metro stations. Imagine how fun will it be dancing with me. So come join me at my studio Verve Dance Zone, and let’s dance our derriere off and get fit!