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  • Shambhavi Pathak

Destroy PCOS & Thyroid :They can’t control you anymore

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

After a decade of suffering through the horrors of PCOS, two months back she was told by the fourth or fifth expert that Oh! But you actually do not have PCOS. You are fine! Are you kidding me? After being injected by hormones, changing the treatment at least 3 times in the last 5 years, going through depression because your health is not getting better, insane skin and hair issues because of the medicines and injected hormones which lead to insecurities, and horrible, and literally bloody period stories which makes my skin crawl even thinking about it; after all this you are telling me that oops she doesn’t have PCOS? What is that suppose to mean? You didn’t realise that for a decade?

This is a true story. Not the one where somebody I used to know has told me the story and I am telling you. No. This is my best friend’s story and I lived with her through it all. Two months back when she called me up and told me this I wasn't just mad. No, I was furious. I just got another proof that our medical system is actually screwing our lives more than it is healing.

Last year around June, I stopped taking my Thyroid medicine which I have been taking since 2012 when I was diagnosed to have hypothyroidism. I was told that I will have to take medicine ‘without fail’ a direct quote by the way. I left the medicine and followed a diet and an exercise routine, where I lost 6 kilograms and in January when I got the test results, my thyroid was normal.

It sounds like not so big deal but I’ll tell you why it is. Before of Thyroid, I used to think that I have a disease, this negative thinking leads me to blame everything on it. My weight gain, my mood swings, my lethargy, I blamed everything on thyroid disease. My mother, to this date, is worried about thyroid and how it affects my life. I hate to feel like I am sick. This kind of mentality where I believed that I am sick, lead me towards severe anxiety, to a degree where I used to have panic attacks. I lived in severe anxiety for 2 years straight.

I was 85 kgs. I hated the way I looked. I blamed everything on the thyroid. It was an excuse for not taking any action. It strengthens my belief that I was a loser. I was a failure. This was the negative mentality that I lived with for almost five years. Five years of my twenties wasted on negativity.

Today I have destroyed that mindset, and am living life disease free by taking very simple steps. I stopped taking the medicine in June 2018 and followed a strict diet and a strict exercise routine, where I lost 6 kgs by August and in January when I got the test results, my thyroid was normal. And look at me now, from being one of the most lethargic people, I am running my own dance studio at Verve Dance Zone, where my own students suffer from PCOS and I am guiding them and my best friend towards a healthier life. I am a positive person now who believes nothing is impossible and that I can do anything. Hell, I am conducting my own dance sessions, which by the way helps me maintain my weight.

What’s your story? Do you want to know how I did it? Come drop by and have a chat with me at my dance studio in Noida sector 2. Sign up for more discussions and articles like this.