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  • Shambhavi Pathak

Easy bollywood dance steps for wedding

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

The wedding season is onto us and with the season comes celebration. Celebration calls for amazing parties, food, booze and most importantly dance and music. Indian weddings are incomplete without dance. And keeping up with the present trend, everyone, and I do mean everyone at the wedding is going to perform. From the bride to the groom, the mothers and father, the chachas and the chachis, the mamas and the mamis, from cousins to friends. And while it is always an epic show and everyone has a lot of fun, there is a lot of preparation that goes into this performance. From selecting the correct wedding music and song, finding the right costume, keeping up with existing trends, practicing for the performance; the whole process can get a bit overwhelming on top of all the other preparation you need to do for the wedding.

I am going to make your job slightly easier and list a few of the very easy steps that you can easily pick up and incorporate into your dance routine for the wedding.

The left and the right step.

Quite literally the easiest wedding dance step, this dance move can be adapted according to the song. Here is the tutorial:

Here is another variation to our left and the right step.

The Bhangra side to side

What are a wedding performance without Punjabi music and bhangra step? So here is the one of the most popular bhangra step and two variations of the same step.

The Bhangra open hug

Another one of the bhangra gems, this step will make a power-pack performance and it will

bring an automatic smile to your face and all the people watching.

The Garba Legs

It’s time to crank up the party with garba moves. Let me show you how it is done.

The Butterfly

This next move is gonna make you the social butterfly on the dance floor. (Cheesy, isn't

It? Or maybe just blow away people. Either way its a fun and beautiful step and very easy to do. Here’s how

Now you got five very basic moves and their variation down to the T, you can go choreograph and perform your very awesome dance number at any wedding.

Though there is an easier second option. You could either hire a choreographer to teach you or go to a dance studio to take specialised lessons for a wedding performance. The benefits? You simply have to show up to practice session and literally just practice.