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  • Shambhavi Pathak

My experience with exercising during periods

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

So if you read my blog about Destroying PCOS and Thyroid, you’ll know that I stopped taking Thyroid medicine in June 2018- when I started my rigorous workout sessions and strict diet. During that period, I faced a dilemma as to if I should be doing exercise during periods or not?

Traditionally speaking, I was advised by my mother and all my peer mates throughout my life to take it easy during periods. Keeping that in mind when I asked my trainer, he obviously didn’t know. Which lead me to do some research about it.

What I found was that there is no conclusive answer. There are people who say you should take it easy, whereas there were blogs that suggested that periods is actually the best time to do intensive workouts due to the high level of certain hormones in the blood.

Even though both these blogs have cited various research, once again there is no conclusive proof. So I worked out- my normal intensive workout, and found out that I didn’t make so much of a difference. In fact, I had a cramp-free period in that time frame. I have observed that working out- intensive or light always makes me feel better during periods. Puts me in a good mood, and kills my craving to eat junk food which I used to do otherwise.

The conclusion to take away from my story is that- Stop taking periods as your excuse of avoiding physical exercise. Since there is no absolute proof of it is advisable or not. So out, exercise normally during periods without any biases and see how it makes you feel. Experiment with exercise and its intensity and see what suits you.

If you are like me who like to sometimes ramp it up and sometimes take it slow, join my Zumba class every Monday to Friday at my studio Verve Dance Zone. I guarantee it is going to be super fun.

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