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  • Shambhavi Pathak

THE KINGS : all performances in World of Dance

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

So I have become obsessed with the Kings since they have gone

on to the World of Dance show. And I am definitely extra proud of the fact that they were from India. Not only that, what they performed on the show was never far away from the Indian culture. And the most important part, they were amazing! Simply amazing. There was no doubt in my mind that they are gonna win. After all, they are The Kings.

So now let’s see all of their performance on the Show.

The Qualifiers: Score 97.7

Song- Dhakka laga bukka- Yuva

Well, all I can say is that they opened with a bang. And what a performance it was! The judges were blown away. The reaction, as if they couldn’t believe what they saw. It was hilarious and a moment of pride all at the same time. You gotta see the stunts they pulled. In the words of Jennifer Lopez, “Mind Blowing!”

The duels: Score 99.3

Song- Malhari- Bajirao Mastani

The qualifier was a powerful performance. This one, on the other hand was a fun-filled energy package. But it was no less impactful. They were up against MOTIV CREW and the scores after the Duels were 90.0 of MC to 99.3 of The Kings. The qualifier was a full-on Bollywood masala performance packed with some amazing acrobatics. Should have seen the judges reactions.

The Cut: Score 97.7

Song- Tattad Tattad- Ramleela

They made a Transformer on stage!!! Oh my god! Everyone and I mean everyone was as blown away I felt. This was a mix of Bollywood, Dubstep, and Robotics and man oh man was it awesome? It was.

Divisional Final : Score 99.7

Song- Yeh Raat

Man! This was probably the best reformable of the Kings in the show. Just amazing. It was a tight competition, with an amazing performance from their competition Unity LA who scored a whopping 98.7 on their routine. And if you watch the behind the scenes on this one you would know why it was so good. Their amazing acrobatics and the visuals of this performance was spectacular.

World Final: 100

It was a truly epic performance, worthy of being the final one. This was like watching a full action movie on the live stage. This looked like an epic to the proportions of Bahubali. And thus they correctly deserved a full 100 points. It was a surreal but expected moment for us viewers. I just can’t imagine how it must have felt for the contestants.

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