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Zumba for All

Zumba your way to fitness

Wanna change the way you get fit? Come join our Morning Zumba sessions and sweat out all your fat, stress, anger, frustation, worries. Kick start your day with positivity with Zumba at Verve Dance Zone. Interested in learning more? Get in contact with a member of our team, we’re happy to answer any questions.

Fitness Class


Select you packages

5 days-a-week monthly charges-  Rs.3,500             
5 days-a-week quaterly charges- Rs. 9,499             
5 days-a-week half yearly charges- Rs. 19,000
3 days-a-week monthly charges- Rs.2,100 
3 days-a-week quaterly charges- Rs. 5,300 
3 days-a-week quaterly charges- Rs. 10,600